History of StEIL

StEIL since 1967 …

St. Elisabeth Institute of Nursing was established in 1928. The turbulent ’60s and the advent of more and more guys are doing a breath of fresh air to the Saint Elisabeth Institute.

Until then, it was primarily religious women who enrolled. More than one of these religious guys can not resist the temptation and takes action. There they formed for the first time a “real” student life.

In the year 1968 the students get their first praesidium and an own magazine: STERILE. The magazine, published by the Praesidium with limited resources, emerged soon as a forum for the discontent of the students. The invitations for parties, dances and other activities get in NONSTERILE place.

Where Priest Louis Hermans will be asked in 1971 to lead the choir, he could not suspect that he was the coming years will be a key figure for student life at St. Elisabeth Institute. Until 1983 he negotiates and mediates between the praesidia and the school board. In that period the students also get a bar. In short, the student life at St. Elizabeth gets up to speed.


The next generations and their praesidia haven’t sit still. Building on the achievements from the 70’s ,despite some difficult periods – succeed the students inside the school to hold its own student life. Several years running NURSIKA, the nurserybar, made sure that nursing students would have a good time. Also known  as ‘verpleegsterkesfuiven’ in hall Ons Huis lured a lot of people, even from outside the school (medical students and engineers get a ‘sweet’ search ‘).

The StEIL-bar at the school is also a permanent place for student-Steilers, where sometimes even parties and cantusses were held. In 1999 this bar was closed due to the fire, but by enduring impulses and protests from the Praesidium , the StEIL-bar was opened in 2002, provided with clear agreements with the school around opening and closing times.


In 1995 “St. Elisabeth Institute for Nursing” was included at the Catholic University of Leuven (KH Leuven) and as the “Department of Nursing and Midwifery” in the new structure. Five years later, StEIl made a cooperation agreement with the four other student associations of KH Leuven and Oker: the Overarching Circuit Board, which is a serious interlocutor with the management of the KH Leuven

In 1998 the bar Cuythoek became the new facbar, a nice bar which is frequently visited by students and former students of StEIL. Sunday evening was several years the facbaravond and in the famous hall in the Cuythoek there are many entertaining parties. In 2005 the Presidium decides to move the facbar to Alegria, but the Cuythoek remains for many, often out of nostalgia, the nurse bar.

Each year until 2003 on the Thursday of the week of November 17 – the feast day of St. Elisabeth – the StEIL Celebrations were held, consisting of a (Eucharist) celebration enlivened by the choir and a playful afternoon in the StEILbar at school, organized by the Praesidium. The gala was programmed on the Friday of the same week.


The Department of Nursing and Midwifery and the KHLeuven Rega department  merged in 2008 into the Department of Health and Technology. The new department has been housed since February 11 2008 on the then new site at the hospital UZ Leuven Campus Gasthuisberg.

Since this day the student associations StEIL and Diana live side by side on the Department of G & T. These associations organize some activities together as the first year weekend, Go Neon and the prom.

In 2011, the facbar moves to the bustling bar ’t Archief. This bar is again visited by many students every Monday and is well stocked. The Praesidium weekly provides several promos which they offer to their students at a very nice price.

We can not predict the future, but StEIL has a rich history, that’s for sure!

Hoc scripsit,

Student Association StEIL

(This information is partly copied from an earlier text about the history of StEIL by Stijn Conings ,procantor of StEIL from 1999 to 2000, and from the exhibition ’75 years of nursing and Midwifery in Leuven’)

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